Fierce Conversations Refresher Course - May 2019

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The majority of team members noted in a recent survey that Fierce Conversation Training is still top of mind but also noted refreshers would be a great idea.  So let’s brush off our toolkits and hop in to look at accountability from a coaching perspective where you can own the issue and the solution. The key in taking someone through a Mineral Rights conversation is to remain empathetic and genuinely curious during the conversation. Questions only. No advice.

By engaging team members in this type of conversation, they identify the root of the issue, see the prices being paid, what’s at stake to gain when the issue is resolved, and come up with a plan of action. When they own the issue and the solution, they are much more likely to act.

While engaging someone in a Mineral Rights conversation, avoid common traps that make the situation worse, such as giving advice, discounting their reasons for why they can’t do something, or become judgemental.

Remember to go into the conversation with the motivation to help, dig deep by asking “What else?” or “Say more”, inquire about their emotions, and find the neutral place from which you can remain empathetic without judgment. No matter what the reporting structure may be, consider this a conversation between equals.

You can review the seven steps in more detail by visiting your toolkit journal, chapter on coaching, but below is a summary of the steps:

Seven steps in a mineral rights conversation:

  1. Identify your most pressing issue.
  2. Clarify the issue.
  3. Determine the current impact.
  4. Determine the future implications.
  5. Examine your personal contribution to this issue.
  6. Describe the ideal outcome.
  7. Commit to action.

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