Student Journeys & Student Success: Assessing Your Engagement Across the Student Lifecycle

Recruitment & Enrollment, Retention & Student Success, Best Practices in Higher Ed

Sometimes, as student services professionals, we can get so caught up in day-to-day work that we forget to pay attention to the ways we are, well, serving students. This came into high relief for me when I was

2019 Adult StudentsTALK™ Survey: Main Themes and Key Takeaways

Recruitment & Enrollment, Admissions Marketing, Thought Leadership

Let’s face it — adult and “nontraditional” student populations are becoming more and more important on college campuses today. In fact, according to our recent survey conducted in collaboration with Stamats, 91% of

What’s So Special About Business Schools Anyway?

Recruitment & Enrollment, Thought Leadership, Edupreneur

Before I left Graduate Management Education (GME) earlier this year, I started tracking how many vendors would contact me on a weekly basis. It was between 7 - 10 per week, and other than clogging my voicemail to

Five Major Benefits of CRM That Empower Community Colleges

Recruitment & Enrollment, Best Practices in Higher Ed

Community colleges play a critical role in higher education for over half of today’s post-secondary students. These institutions serve everyone — from the high school student seeking college-level coursework to the

Innovation Inspiration: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Recruitment & Enrollment, Thought Leadership, Edupreneur

This is the second installment of our “Innovation Inspiration” series (you can check out the article on Babson College here), which highlights higher ed professionals and institutions from across the country that

3 Quick Tips for Engaging Prospective Gen Z Students

Recruitment & Enrollment, Admissions Marketing

It’s no secret that Generation Z has wildly different expectations than Millennials when it comes to the recruitment experience. Generation Z, defined as those born in the mid-1990s to the early 2000s, has grown up

Why Every College Campus Should Feel Like Walking Into An Apple Store

Recruitment & Enrollment, Admissions Marketing, Thought Leadership, Edupreneur

Drawing inspiration from the world’s most successful companies can help your institution stand out from the crowd of other schools vying for the same pool of prospective students. With a few adaptations, higher

Five Ways to Engage with Prospective Students Today

Recruitment & Enrollment, Best Practices in Higher Ed, Admissions Marketing

As enrollment management professionals, we know how the recruitment cycle works. We get inquiries through name purchases, college fairs, events, and high school/community college visits. Then we get prospective

NACAC 2018 Survival Guide: 10 Pro-tips for Attendees

Recruitment & Enrollment, Admissions Marketing, Conferences & Events

Whether it’s your first time going to NACAC or your 10th, this mega conference for Enrollment and Admissions professionals in higher ed is a great opportunity to get fresh ideas for the coming years, make new

Institutions Increase Enrollment and Drive Efficiency with the Education Cloud

Recruitment & Enrollment, TargetX Summit

Many challenges recently faced by Moravian College, a private liberal arts college with 2,000 students, are all too familiar to recruiting and admissions professionals. From using number-crunching spreadsheets to

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