What Enrollment Managers Need To Know About First-Generation College Students

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First-generation college students are a growing population. Approximately 1 in 3 college students today are first-generation, and one-quarter are classified as both first generation and low income students.

Michael Stoner's 5 Tips To Improve Your Enrollment Marketing & Communications

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Nearly all of mStoner’s consulting engagements begin with developing an experience map focusing on a challenge a client is facing. Not surprisingly, many institutions want to explore the experiences prospective

Student Sentiment Toward Social Channels Will Transform Your Admissions Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

Recruitment & Enrollment, Best Practices in Higher Ed, Admissions Marketing

The landscape is rapidly evolving with respect to how colleges and universities use data, analytics, and social media to find, engage, and convert their prospective students. In the early days of social media,

To Inquiry & Beyond: Enhancing The Digital Student Experience

Recruitment & Enrollment, Best Practices in Higher Ed, Admissions Marketing

We’re all aware of the increased competition to attract and engage students in higher education today. Luckily, there are ways for schools to break through the noise and meet the evolving needs of students. The

Understanding the Impact and Requirements of GDPR in Higher Ed Admissions and Recruitment

Recruitment & Enrollment, Best Practices in Higher Ed, Admissions Marketing, Thought Leadership

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect on May 25, 2018 and many higher education institutions are wondering how this is going to impact their business practices, recruitment strategies, and

Why Mobile Matters - Creating a Seamless Student Experience [Infographic]

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It’s no secret that the market for prospective students is more competitive than ever. There are so many different factors affecting college enrollment today -- nontraditional students seeking flexible programs to

“New Year, New Me” - Finding Institutional Identity Through Higher Education's Uncertainty

Recruitment & Enrollment, Thought Leadership

Embracing change has been a common theme in higher ed so far this year. Everybody’s talking about the work by a researcher out of Carleton College, who formulated the Higher Education Demand Index, or HEDI. In case

How Graduate Enrollment Can Meet The Needs of Part-Time Students

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Meet the "New" Traditional Graduate Student [Infographic]

Recruitment & Enrollment, Admissions Marketing

In today’s world, earning a graduate degree or certificate is seen as the path to success and advancement. But graduate recruiting practices have not kept pace with the realities of who today’s graduate students are.

Are You Leveraging Your Student Search Modeling In TargetX?

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Guest Post: Ruffalo Noel Levitz Ruffalo Noel Levitz is a Platinum Sponsor at the 2017 TargetX Summit

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