GOP Implications for Community Colleges: Looking Ahead

Retention & Student Success, Best Practices in Higher Ed

When I think about the pressures my colleagues in the Community College space are facing, my head starts to spin. The largest sector in higher education is composed of community colleges that serve undergraduate

What Happens When Enrollment Professionals Become the College-Touring Parents

Recruitment & Enrollment, Best Practices in Higher Ed, Admissions Marketing

When you’re a leader in higher education enrollment management and a parent, the day comes when you find yourself walking behind tour guides on college greens, sifting through mailers, and giving advice to the most

From Surviving to Thriving: A Responsive Shift toward Student Retention [Infographic]

Retention & Student Success, Best Practices in Higher Ed

Student success is not a new issue for higher ed institutions – but many colleges and universities are having trouble moving the needle on student persistence and retention rates. Check out the infographic below to

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