Why Mobile Matters - Creating a Seamless Student Experience [Infographic]

Best Practices in Higher Ed, Admissions Marketing, Recruitment & Enrollment

It’s no secret that the market for prospective students is more competitive than ever. There are so many different factors affecting college enrollment today -- nontraditional students seeking flexible programs to

Conversations in Continuing Ed; What I Learned From My Brother Who's Been There

Best Practices in Higher Ed

Most of my career was spent preaching the value of, “liberal arts education for all,” while recruiting for my alma mater. Like many, I believe values such as critical thinking, inclusion, and effective communication

Keeping It Real With Generation Z; Advice For Admissions Marketing

Best Practices in Higher Ed, Admissions Marketing

As enrollment budgets get tighter and goals are set higher, college marketing to high school students has become the priority amongst many enrollment leaders. This group of students, also known as Generation Z, is

“New Year, New Me” - Finding Institutional Identity Through Higher Education's Uncertainty

Recruitment & Enrollment, Thought Leadership

Embracing change has been a common theme in higher ed so far this year. Everybody’s talking about the work by a researcher out of Carleton College, who formulated the Higher Education Demand Index, or HEDI. In case

TargetX is HEDA Core Compatible! Here's What You Need To Know.

TargetX Company Updates, Edupreneur, Best Practices in Higher Ed


This January, TargetX was announced as one of the first Salesforce HEDA Core Compatible Partners for 2018, and we’re excited to share this news with our clients, friends, and the higher education community. At

How Graduate Enrollment Can Meet The Needs of Part-Time Students

Recruitment & Enrollment, Best Practices in Higher Ed

GOP Implications for Community Colleges: Looking Ahead

Best Practices in Higher Ed, Retention & Student Success

When I think about the pressures my colleagues in the Community College space are facing, my head starts to spin. The largest sector in higher education is composed of community colleges that serve undergraduate

Meet the "New" Traditional Graduate Student [Infographic]

Recruitment & Enrollment, Admissions Marketing

In today’s world, earning a graduate degree or certificate is seen as the path to success and advancement. But graduate recruiting practices have not kept pace with the realities of who today’s graduate students are.

5 Things You Must Do at NACAC 2017

Thought Leadership

As we approach the 73rd National NACAC Conference, we wanted to help you prepare for the event! Here are a few things that you must do while you're in Boston for #NACAC17:

TargetX Continues Commitment of Giving Back at Backpack-A-Thon

TargetX Company Updates

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” At TargetX, we know the importance of investing not just in our local communities, but in the power of education for our youth.

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